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Dayton Texas

Veterans Memorial Wall

Veterans park2
Located on a peaceful corner next to the Community Center (801. S. Cleveland) Dayton Veteran's Memorial Park was built in 2013. In 2014, a historical marker noting the history of one of Dayton’s most renowned families – the Stash and Mattie Ripkowski Family – was added to the memorial wall.

Beginning in World War II, the Ripkowskis sent 12 sons to war, with nine serving during World War II and others serving in Korea and Vietnam. All sons returned from the battlefield, with many continuing to raise families in the Dayton area.

The wall experienced significant damage during Hurricane Harvey but was restored through the generous donation of over $7,700 by Entergy Texas.

Veterans and friends or families of veterans can add veteran names to the wall in recognition of their service, with a $125 donation.