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Dayton Texas

Dayton Enhancement Committee

The purpose of this committee is to advise and make recommendations to Dayton City Council on matters relating to the beautification, maintenance, and development of public property within the City of Dayton.

The committee was formed by Mayor Jeff Lambright in January 2016 after collaborating with several residents who believed Dayton’s appearance should be transformed from ordinary to something more appealing. Since Dayton is “in the middle of everything” i.e. close to Houston to the west, Beaumont to the east, NASA and Galveston to the south, and the I-45 corridor to the north, and since a major highway linking Houston with Beaumont runs through the middle of town, many people are exposed to the community and it should look its best.

The Grand Parkway loop currently under construction around Houston will come within five miles of Dayton, bringing even more businesses and people to our area. The Committee, an entity of the City of Dayton, hopes to create an inviting and attractive environment to help attract the people and businesses we would be proud to have as neighbors.

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