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The information may or may not be available at the time requested or may not be available for public inspection. Should this occur, you will be informed, in writing and within 10 business days, of a date when the information will be available.



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Public Information Request

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WAIVER: Do you give permission to redact (remove) any information that is confidential pursuant to the Attorney General's Public Information Act, Sections: 522.101: Judicial Decisions: 552.102: Employees' personal privacy; 522.117: employee address, telephone nos., Social Security Nos, personal family information; 522.1175: personal information of security officers; 522.130(a); Driver's License , Permit, Title, Registration, Personal ID; 522.137: email addresses when communicating electronically with governmental body.*


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If you need additional assistance, please contact the City Secretary's Office at 936.258.2642 ext. 1117

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