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Dayton Community Development Corporation Revamps & Expands Grant Programs

March 2020:  The Dayton Community Development Corporation (DCDC) is pleased to announce the launch of several new grant programs to support local small business development, downtown revitalization, and traffic safety along the Highway 90 corridor.

 The DCDC Board of Directors voted at their January and February board meetings to revamp existing grant programs and create new grant programs. These grant programs are: Downtown Improvement Grant, Small Business Grant, Driveway and Cross Connection Improvement Grant, and Downtown Mural Grant.

 The Downtown Improvement Grant is a matching grant program that focuses on the newly created Downtown TIRZ. The focus of this grant is to promote new business development, business expansion, and the renovation of existing businesses and buildings in the historic downtown corridor of Dayton. Grants may be utilized for façade enhancements, signage, interior renovations that address code compliance, accessibility, or fire safety issues, and parking lot or landscaping improvements. Applicants may receive up to $25,000 of grant funds for their project on a 50-50 matching basis.

 The Small Business Grant Program is designed to assist new and existing small businesses located in the City of Dayton. Eligible projects include exterior façade improvements, signage, parking lot or landscaping improvements, interior renovations that address code compliance, accessibility, or fire safety issues, and permanent tenant build out features in a new facility. Applicants may receive up to $7,500 for exterior projects and up to $7,500 for interior projects on a 50-50 matching fund basis. Both the Downtown Improvement Grant and the Small Business Grant require businesses to be open at least 30 hours per week, with at least six of those hours being after 5:30 pm or on the weekend.


The Driveway and Cross Connection Improvement Grant focuses on traffic safety and flow along the Highway 90 corridor and is designed to work with any future TX DOT improvements to Highway 90. This grant provides funding for a variety of different driveway projects. Driveway improvements that improve the current conditions of existing driveways will be funded on a 50-50 matching basis. These improvements will aid traffic flow and safety by allowing drivers to enter and exit businesses in a timely manner. Business that reduce the number of driveways, the size of existing oversized access points, or create cross-connection between multiple businesses will be eligible for up to 100% of the project costs. 

 A recent analysis of Highway 90 revealed 43 businesses located between Hwy 146 and Colbert along the highway. These 43 businesses had 76 driveways located directly on Highway 90, with many businesses having other driveways and access points along side streets adjoining Highway 90. A large number of access points creates traffic safety and flow issues along the highway because multiple vehicles can be turning across traffic and into each other’s path. Connections between multiple businesses through a series of internal driveways, known as cross-connection, will allow drivers to stop at multiple businesses without entering Highway 90. Cross-connection can also provide access to side streets, thus reducing the number of vehicles on Highway 90.

 For more information on applying for a grant, you may contact the DCDC office at 936.257.0055 or Info@daytontx.com. Applications and more information are also available online at DaytonTX.com.

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