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Veterans Wall Memorial Survey

  1. June 25, 2019

  2. The City of Dayton has receiveda request to provide nameplates, at no cost to the veteran, to be placed on the Veterans Memorial Wall. Our community values the sacrifices may by servicemembers and their families. Therefore when hearing that many veterans have not been recognized for their service, the City has requested a list.

  3. Our first step is to complete this list. Second, with this information in hand, we will work with stakeholders in the community to seek out opportunities to fund placement on the Memorial Wall. The City of Dayton, nor anyone who is working alongside the City guarantee that funding will be provided by any stakeholder.

  4. If we are successful in the endeavor of gathering a list and able to secure funding, we will work with the community stakeholders and veterans to schedule a time for a ceremony to celebrate this milestone in our community.

  5. I would appreciate your help in building this list of veterans who should be recognized on our Memorial Wall. If you wish to be included, or know of a veteran who is not already listed on the memorial, please provide the following information:

  6. If you have any additional questions, please contact Jennifer Billings, City Secretary at 036.258.2642 or Steve Stephens at 936.334.3494.

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