Dayton Community Development Corporation

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Wendell NullVoting - President
Nan HeadrickVoting - Vice President
Tonya SmikalVoting - Secretary
Alvin BurressVoting
Frosty PruittVoting
Shane BurleighVoting
Glen HajovskyVoting

Chris BrownAdvisory 
CD WilliamsAdvisory
Tammy PratkaAdvisory
Jeff LambrightAdvisory

Theo MelanconEx Officio/
Jessica JohnsonEx Officio/Superintendant
Paula MoorhajEx Officio/Chamber Director

Courtland HolmanExec Director
Sheila MartinAnalyst/Exec Assistant
Mike FielderAttorney

Jeff LambrightMayor
Theo MelanconCity Manager
Rudy ZepedaCity CFO
Christina GonzalezDCDC Accoutant

John JohnsonCity Council
Troy BartonCity Council
Sherial L. LawsonCity Council
Josh TownsendCity Council

About the Board

Dayton Community Development Corporation Board of Directors (DCDC) Board Members are appointed by the City Council and serve at the pleasure of the Council. Persons desiring an application for or information on Board service may secure same by contacting Sheila Martin at 936-257-0055 or by email or by personal appearance at the DCDC office, same located at:

Dayton Civic Center
801 South Cleveland Street
Dayton, Texas 77535

Each normal term in office is for a period of 2 years.